Never stop digging cuz you never know when you’ll start finding…



What is love?
If all you do is put me behind bars because I’m not up to your standard.
What’s is love?
If all you keep doing is running when I be pursuing.
What is love?
If you only need me when it’s dark.
What is love?
When you can’t even look me in the eyes to express your self.
What is love?
When your lips never seize to tell me lies.
What is love??
When all you do is brake my heart but I still pick up the pieces and merge it back for you.
What is love?
When we can’t hold hands on the street.
What is love?
When you can’t protect me from the outside threat, on the inside I’m exposed to arrows of your kind of love.
What is love?
When I can’t smile and be proud of the man I’ve given my heart to.
What is love?
If you can’t smile to the one that ‘ve got your heart awake.
What is love?
If you can’t be proud of the me that stood with you in your days of trials.
I’ve watched you clearly hoping you’ll redefine your kind of love.


My regrets

I said to my self,
I was never gonna let the thought of him bring me down.
But then I thought of how we first met.
I thought of how amazing and gorgeous I was in your eyes so you always say, until things changed. I felt
dumped like a piece of trash.
Now I’m met to suffer the pain not because we broke up, but because I allowed you into my world, and you explored it.
Because I got too lazy so I relied on you for everything.
Because I got so weak and depended on your strength.
because I was a crack then you came and broke me into pieces.
because I let my self be the lyric of the song you sang day by day and most of all.
Because i made myself the memories you thought of every time you’re awake.
Now I drown my self in regret.
If my wish to go back in time were granted, I would still not change a thing about us…
I would confess, your presence gave me a break out of life struggles..
For the first time in years I felt I could rely on someone for real.
I felt secured in your arms.
Same you have made me vulnerable.
My love my biggest regret.