Every one meet Montague my my secret mentor



It’ll started with a dance,
When he wrapped his hands around my waist and mine around his neck in the mood to dance to the port o Rico local music being played down the hall.
He whispered into my ears
“You’re looking so beautiful and sexy in this dress”
He spoked so seductively in a manner that turned me on…..
I tried to hide the feeling from him
But he was just too good not to notice..
I tried to pull out from his arm in order not to get too close but he slowly pulled me back to him this time around close enough to fell his hardness…
I couldn’t take it no more i moaned a little as he run his fingers on my hip..I had goosebumps as the pleasure erupted through my body ..
He smiled…when he saw how powerful his magics were on me.
He has this beautiful blue eyes that kept me starring at his face.
I could tell he new I was already in the mood.
I prayed calmly in mind that this didn’t end here..
The feeling was becoming a torture..I almost couldn’t breath well, I only gasped for air.
He turned me over like a little baby that has fallen asleep.
I smiled like a badass knowing the game is about to start..
But then I got a huge slap on my butt.
It’s my mum!

Me* mum why did you have to pour water on me??

Mum* I didn’t ,that’s your pee ..you obviously bed wetted


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Remind me of the who I used to be.

Cuz right now,

I’ve lost the me.

Take me back in time

My life, my path, my prime.

Like a Potter chooses what shape the clay gets,

Life shapes you with what you choose to become.

That’s when things began to go wrong.

When braking the law of humanity,

Became my lifestyle.

Although life seemed fun and cool.

But then I came across a scripture in the Bible.

The road that seemed right often leads to bad and evil.

Not until when outside of the world chilling with haters.

Indoor felt like my personal torture…

My whole life became a fake but fake wasn’t too easy to display.

I could give my self credit for acting it so real.

But look! How I’ve messes up the me.

And the who I would have been.

By Beautie brown



Everyone is chasing after their dreams
Some keep looking out to the future to know where they belong.
While others just work, hang out by weekends and pay bills.
Pretty funny …how life has been structured out…
It ain’t easy either…not with the pressure we get day by day..
It keeps taking us off our mind focus.
I have a dream….and every given day
I keep wishing in the stars to pls make my dreams come true…
But then again I fear this stranger, who always come visiting when ever I get motivated to do something extraordinary..I guess he calls him self…um….doubt’..
I have tried to keep him away from ruining any more of my dreams…I have strive to keep focus even when, to the world, I’m nothing but a bag of waste… it’s part of your challenges…you should never give up! becuz you were born for a purpose and that’s your destiny…
Life is too shot to keep giving room to a second thought..just ….do It!.
It’s part of the philosophy of life..and don’t expect the road to be smooth either….you might fall along the way but you can always stand up….
You might not be able to work again but you can always crawl…which ever way you do it just ne.verr give up!..
Cuz the moment you do… you seize to be leaving..even when you’re alive …cuz dropping your dream to chase after pleasures..is as good as you not living at all…you live for your purpose on earth….you might just get curious of what that dream is..yes! It needs you that’s when you’ll have to get back to work no matter what just never give up….

By Beautie brown